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In this geometry worksheet, students figure out the center of enlargement and the scale being used.

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Please add a description to your sketch it will help others find your skecth and also help you categorize your sketches.

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Number Theory, Decimals, Fractions, Ratio and Proportions, Geometry.This worksheet provides the student with four series of points, with their task being to plot them on the graph and connect the dots, revealing four different shapes.Rick was ashamed about the size of his penis, so he had a penis enlargement.For this lesson, students reviewed the grid enlargement process via three worksheets. (pics soon) From there, they chose a photo of a car that they liked.

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Show the class a picture in its original size, an enlargement of the picture, and a distortion is to increase both the height and width by the same scale factor.

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This Enlargement Worksheet Worksheet is suitable for 8th - 10th Grade.

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